Arcade Game Repair

We diagnose and repair arcade machine for game rooms and households.  Monitor boards, small power boards and control repairs or replacements available. My initial consultation often gives enough information to repair a game on the first visit. The service we provide helps those that cannot find a qualified technician.

Pinball Repairs

We specialize in late 1970's or later pinball machines.  These units have an electronic circuit board inside and are generally easy to repair.  1970's or earlier are considered electro-mechanical and are often more time consuming then one is willing to spend money on.  We do repair electro-mechanical units but because of their age there is no guarantee that other components will not fail.

Small Pcb's and Assemblies

Allen's Arcade has helped many game room operators with video games and redemption machines like cranes.  Small electronic boards and power units can often be repaired through us  main computer boards are often shipped to an off site repair facility as the boards can be quite complex to repair.  Preventative maintainence is very important to keeping your game room functioning at 100%.  In this I offer Service Contracts to game room operators to service functioning, partially functioning and non working games.

Next Steps...

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