Allen's Arcade & Electronic Repair House - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work on car stereo's?

No, Allen's Arcade does not work on stereo's due to the complexity of car stereo's circuitry.

Do you repair tube televisions?

No, they are obsolete and better left in the trash.

Do you work on home appliances? IE: Washers, Dryers, Dish washers, and other small appliances?


No, We stick to only arcade games, pinball machines, juke boxes, in retail locations, private business and homes.


Do you have customer service?

Of course! We are available by phone EST Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:30am-5:00pm. We do return calls after these hours so please specify a good time frame to return your call and we will try to accommodate.


Technical support for monitors and video games

    The following monitors require isolation transformers. Wells Gardner's model 19K4600, 19K4900, 19K7000, 25K5500, 25K7000, Hantarex model MTC 9000, MTC9110, Electrohome models GO5, GO7.  Warning do not run these unit without an isolation transformer due to shock hazard

    Monitors are the most problematic to diagnose.

--First thing to do is listen and often you can hear a crackle when the unit fires up.  If it is not present the board may be dead.

--Visually the stem of the neck will glow. This glow is a sign of life for older monitor boards. Newer units turn this function on before the board truelly starts up.

--If no signs of activity can be seen it will require an inspection of the board itself.  The board will need to be removed.

    How to diagnose a video game?Follow these steps and you will soon know what is wrong with your video game.


Step1: Visually Inspect and audibly listen to the game.  Example when a coin is dropped does it produce a sound through the speakers. Is the stem of the picture tube glowing.

--If there is sound but no picture then more then likely you have a bad monitor.

--If the game produces no sound, first make sure the volume pot is high enough.

        --Check the logic board, some have lights or displays that could indicate a working board.

Step2: Test, using a multimeter, the AC voltage to the monitor and power unit. Some power unit have a power cord which can be difficult to read.  Warning this is a shock hazard

--By checking the AC power, you verify that your video game has the potential to turn on.

--If any of these voltages are missing start looking for a break in the wiring or loss of power due to breaker or fuse.


Step3: If AC is present Test the DC voltage from your power supply. This is important in testing for bad power supplies.

--Bad power supplies will knock out all sound and video.

--Low voltage will also cause no video or no sound Your 5 volt line should be between 4.7 and 5.2.  Warning to high or to low can cause damage to your logic board

--Older power unit do not filter out enough of the fluctuating AC and will cause damage to logic boards.