Pinball repair

Pinball cleaning:    $40/hour + travel fee

The cost will depend on the complexity of the pin and the level of cleaning required.

We offer three levels of playfield cleaning for those who wish to save money.  A level 1 is a full breakdown, with parts and playfield scrubbed clean. A level 2 takes less time it is only a partial breakdown with minor parts cleaning and accessible playfield areas cleaned.  A level 3 cleaning is a 1 hour cleaning of accessible areas.

Arcade Game Repair

House Call:             $55 + travel fee 

This includes 1 hour service to diagnose and effect repairs. Sometimes repairs will require more than 1 hour.

Many people dreamed of having their own video game or pinball, but may not have realized that one day it wouldn't be working. I am a repair technician who can solve your problems. Call me and I will come to your home and diagnose the problems and make repairs.  I charge a fair price for my time and yours.  Its all about keeping these classics or soon to be classics running great. Allen's Arcade is dedicated to helping game owners with their problems.  See the type of services we do, under game operators, check out my repair cost for specific sub-assemblies of games.

Consignment game sales

Free posting for games you wish to sell.  If I find a buyer I will receive 15% for the sale.  Just provide a photo.

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